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How is Nimblr TA different from the internet known Candlesticks and its Patterns!

Follows 2 Candle Process

Nimblr adds a ⭐ above Momentums & Strength Candle

Candle Shunting

ICMC Breakouts

SL Trailing

Nimblr's Aura Constant and many more


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Someone looking to learn Candlestick process from scratch

Experienced Traders

Those who want to learn a better processes and cut down on cumbersome process they follow


He is a known personality on the X since 2015 and having an experience of 3 decades.

Coming from an investing family from the time where charts were created manually with pen and paper using the newspaper data.

Later, created his own strategy the 2 Candle Process now practised and known as Nimblr TA.


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